US-Iran Attack dispute over retreating steps!

Attack US-Iran dispute over retreating steps!

Donald Trump also indicated that he would not respond to Iran’s missile attacks militarily

Iran met with mixed signals after showing a slight improvement in the tense situation with the US. President Hassan Rouhani warned that if the US makes any other mistake, then there can be a very dangerous reaction from Iran.

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However, on Wednesday, the United States and Iran appeared to be taking steps to ease the tense situation. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had approved the killing of Iran’s top general Qasim Sulemani and the controversy had escalated.

In addition, a senior Iranian commander said that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards General Qasim Saleemani would be severely avenged ‘in the US attack. 

Iran also tried to respond overnight which was the first direct attack on America since 1979. Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two US military bases in Iraq, although casualties in these attacks There was no news of this happening.

On the other hand, Donald Trump also indicated that he would not respond in a military manner to Iran’s missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq, after which both countries appeared to be restrained before reaching a war situation. There were no casualties in the Iran attacks, but US forces in the area are on alert.

In his message from the White House, Trump appeared to be trying to mitigate the crisis. Ruhani said that the attack on US military bases was rightful for its defense under the U.N. charter. 

Rouhani said on Thursday that Iran would continue to cooperate with UN inspectors.  According to the semi-governmental Tasnim news agency, Iran’s Joint Chief of Staff member Abdullah Araghi said that the country’s Revolutionary Guard will take harsh revenge on its enemy in the future.

Acting Commander Ali Fadvi of the Revolutionary Guard said the missile attack was a glimpse of Iran’s capability It was filled because dozens of missiles were fired in the US stronghold in Iraq, but they could not do anything.

Rouhani also spoke to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the phone. It was reported from Britain that Johnson had requested to end the dispute in the Gulf region. Britain requested Iran to fully comply with the nuclear deal.

However, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, warned that it would probably be too early to say whether Iran is satisfied that the missile strikes are enough to avenge Sulemani’s death.

Aircraft in opposite direction
On the other hand, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that the nightly attack cannot be called a complete response to Iran.

In case of crash of Ukraine’s jetliner aircraft, Iranian officials said that problems arose in the aircraft After it was turned in the opposite direction.  Meanwhile, experts from Ukraine joined the investigation on Thursday.

United States and the Canada have called for a full investigation to find out the cause of the accident on Wednesday. 176 people were killed in a plane crash. There is no indication as to whether there was any conspiracy behind the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) aircraft coming down as the flight took place. 

Ukraine’s President, Vladimir Zalensky, warns against speculating about the cause of the crash.

Tension subsides: India

India said on Thursday that it would like to reduce tensions in the Gulf region as soon as possible. And in this regard, he is in touch with the important powers of the Gulf region.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar told reporters, ‘India is keeping a very close watch on the situation in the Gulf region. ‘Iran’s Ambassador to India said that he would welcome any effort by India to reduce tensions.

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