School college reopen Educational department New Formula Various States Reopening Report

School college reopen Educational department New Formula

than half of the states and union territories, including the Kovid-11 hotspots in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, have not yet decided on a date for the opening of schools, the Center was told in a meeting this week.

The rest of the states are divided among those seeking reopening in August, including Delhi and Bihar, and others like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala, which will not reopen by September.


The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has also asked the states to know the views of parents on the issue and submit it by Monday, offering options to reopen in August, September or October-October.

The epidemic has closed all educational institutions since mid-March, dropping 250 million children out of school across the country. In many states, some types of distance learning have resumed, using online resources as well as television and radio programs.

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The HRD ministry held a video conference with state representatives on July 15 to discuss the school safety plan. The answers were prepared by the ministry in a document, which has been reviewed by Hindus.

Assam was the only state ready to open in late July. States Of the 36 states and union territories, at least 21 said they had not yet made a decision, with five adding that they were awaiting guidance from the center.

With the spread of the epidemic still uncertain, most states were not ready to start any new date, including Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, the two states with the highest number of cases. Delhi, on the other hand, which has the third highest number of cases, said it would seek to open schools "preferably in August" as per the ministry's document. In active cases, the capital has come in sixth place.

Schools and colleges across the country have been closed since March, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete shutdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

A number of concessions have since been announced by the Center but educational institutions have not been allowed to open. In the first week of July, the government decided to reduce the curriculum for students in classes 9 to 12 by 30 per cent due to the "extraordinary situation" in India due to the Covid-19 crisis. Made sense to lighten the load by retaining the original concepts,

the MHRD ministry said. The Ministry of HRD is promoting online learning instead of teaching hours to make up for the loss of teaching hours.

Last week, following concerns by parents about schools conducting classes such as regular schools, the COVID-19 epidemic continued to shut down schools for more than four months, increasing the screen time for children after forcing them to move from classrooms to teaching online, the ministry said.

Announced guidelines for online classes, and recommended the number of sessions per day for caps and students over a period of time. Learning online learning will be conducted for no more than two sessions of 30-45 minutes on days 1 to 8, while it cannot be more than four sessions of 30-45 minutes in classes days 9 to 12, the education ministry said on Tuesday

School college reopen Educational department New Formula

School college reopen Educational department New Formula

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