Unlock 3 Guideline : Schools, colleges to be shut till 31 August :Unlock 3.0 Guidelines And Rules

Unlock 3 Guideline : Schools, colleges to be shut till 31 August :Unlock 3.0 Guidelines And Rules 

The Union Home Ministry has issued guidelines for Unlock-3. The new guideline has lifted restrictions on movement of people during the night. According to the new guidelines, yoga institutions and gymnasiums will be allowed to open from August 5, 2020. However, other directions including social distance will have to be strictly followed by the government during this period. Let us know what reliefs have been found in Unlock-3 and what restrictions will continue on

School colleges and other educational institutions will remain closed till 31 August 2020. Not only this, permission to open Metro Rail, Cinema Hall, Swimming Pool, Theater, Bar, Auditorium, Entertainment Park has also not been given this time. Lockdown will continue in the content zones as before. Those social, religious, political, cultural or entertainment related events, rallies and events will be banned.

These rules have to be followed
It is mandatory to wear masks in public places. No more than 50 people will be allowed to attend marital programs. There will be a ban on more than 20 people attending the funeral. To maintain social distancing, adequate social distance has to be maintained in front of the shops. Eating pan, gutkha, tobacco in public places will be prohibited.

Instructions for Containment Zone
Strict lockdown will remain in force in the Containment Zone till 31 July.  However, there will be no restriction on transport of goods during this period.  Necessary services will be approved.  There will be no restriction on the movement of the people connected to it.  There is no need to get a separate e-permit or permission for this.  The State Government will determine the Containment Zone and information of these areas will be made public on the website.  State governments may prohibit certain activities outside these areas depending on the circumstances.

The Union Home Ministry has issued guidelines for Unlock-3.  During this time the ban on movement of people at night has been lifted.  Yoga institutes and gyms will be allowed to open from August 5.  All crowd gathering programs, including social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious, will continue to be banned.

Independence day programs got permission
The third phase of the unlock will allow the organization of Independence Day programs with instructions to follow social distancing and other health standards.  During this time it will be mandatory to follow the health guidelines issued by the Union Home Ministry along with rules like wearing masks.

Lockdown in Containment Zone till 31 August : The lockdown will remain strictly in force till 31 August in the Containment Zone.  During this time only necessary services and activities will be allowed at these places.  Containment zones will be reported on the websites of the respective districts and states.  Instructions for strict surveillance are given here.

The whole country is fighting the corona virus.  The lockdown has been announced in various parts of the country under this strategy.  Wherever the cases are less, discounts are also being given through unlock.  Meanwhile, Unlock 2 is ending on July 31.  The latest news is that Unlock 3 will be announced by the central government on August 1.  It is expected that efforts will be made to bring normal life back on track and conditional exemption can be given for many services.  The government is considering the recommendations received from various parties.  Know what the rules can be in Unlock 3

Unlock 3 Guideline : Schools, colleges to be shut till 31 August :Unlock 3.0 Guidelines And Rules 

Unlock 3 Guideline : Schools, colleges to be shut till 31 August :

Unlock 3.0 Guidelines And Rules 

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