HOME LEARNING 2020. Home Learning Study materials Video |Standard 11th h | DD Girnar-Diksha Portal Video

HOME LEARNING 2020. Home Learning Study materials Video |Standard 11th h | DD Girnar-Diksha Portal Video

Despite closure of schools due to Corona epidemic, out of 2,17,000 primary schools in Kutch district, 1,43,213 i.e. about 60 percent students are getting online education.
Despite the closure of the school in the district, a new home learning effort was started by the state government to continue the teaching of the students. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, D.D. Launched online learning on Girnar channel.

For the students from Gujarat State Education Department, D.D. from last 15 June. According to the educational program on Girnar channel, broadcasting has been started from class 3 to 12. Class-wise teaching work is being done as per the time sheet daily from 8 am to evening.

There will be new teachers in schools next month
In the case of second class teachers, Minister of State for Education Dotasara said that the demand for appointment was being raised on behalf of the unemployed. The government lobbied strongly in his favor in the court. Now the Mandal allotment exercise has started for the selected candidates. About 9 thousand candidates will be appointed in government schools next month.

Online study option open
 Dotasara upheld the option of online education of private educational institutions. He said that during the Corona era, educational institutions give their students the option of online education, so the government has no objection to that. But for this, consent from the student and parents is necessary. The state government is also preparing a guide line for this.

 Roadmap for development
 Dotasara also talked about creating a roadmap for the development of Sikar during this period. He said that he was aware of Sikar's problems. Work will be started soon by preparing an action plan with all the MLAs.

 Educational work has been started under the home learning program of the students at home with the help of parents through all the BRC and CRC and head teachers of Gandhinagar. GCERT content and videos can be viewed on YouTube link by scanning through QR codes of textbooks, virtual class rooms, textbooks.
 According to District Primary Education Officer Sanjay Parmar, out of 2,17,000 primary schools in the district from classes 1 to 8, 1,43,213 i.e. about 60 percent students got online education. Home learning materials have been made available to the students from all primary schools of the district.

 Broadcast on these channels
 From Viseg on behalf of Vande Gujarat, Class 5 on Channel 5, Class 6 on Channel 6, Class 7 on Channel 7, Class 8 on Channel 8, Class 9 on Channel 9, Class 10 on Channel 10, Class 11 on Channel 11 and Channel Class 12 is being telecast at 12.

 D.D. The programs aired on Vande Gujarat channels from Girnar and BiSeag will be uploaded on Disha YouTube link daily in the evening. Through BRC and CRC this link will be sent by the teachers to the concerned parents.

 In the future, 30-40 students of the class will be made to do academic work in the group through video conference through the Microsoft Team Virtual Class Room.

HOME LEARNING 2020. Home Learning Study materials Video |Standard 11th | DD Girnar-Diksha Portal Video 


Home Learning Study materials video 

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